The Magic of Sous-Vide

What's Sous Vide?

  • Sous-Vide Overview
  • How Do You Cook Sous-Vide?
  • Health Benefits of Sous-Vide

Popularized in high-end restaurants, this innovative cooking method has several health benefits for our dogs. For dog food, the benefits are nutrients aren't lost to cooking water like with traditional cooking. Food retains moisture and cooks perfectly. And three, the ingredients literally marinate in the meat juices for almost 2 hours delivering an explosion of flavor dogs love. Together it makes for a food that's both healthy and delicious to our beloved pups.

How Do You Sous-Vide?

Sous-vide is a technique that cooks food with water. Here's how it works. Food is placed into BPA-free vacuum-sealed bags and cooked in a temperature-regulated water bath. At Grocery Pup, we set the water to 180 degrees.

Nutrients & Fatty Acids Retained: Vacuum sealing food means nutrients and fatty acids aren't lost to cooking water or oxidized like with traditional cooking.

BPA Free Bags: raw ingredients are placed into food grade bags before being cooked with heated water for 2 hours.

The food then cooks long and slow for 2 hours until it reaches 160° F - just enough to kill pathogens, but no more to retain natural nutrients, fatty acids and moisture.

Cooked long and slow in a water bath: Food is cooked until reaching 160°- just enough to kill pathogens but no more to retain nutrients.

Food marinates in meat juices: Our 2 hour cooking process in BPA-free bags means ingredients marinate in meat juices, delivering an explosion of flavor dogs love.

The end result? The highest quality homemade dog food that's rich in moisture, flavor and nutritional value.

A Deeper Dive Into the health benefits

Superior Vitamin, Antioxidant and Fatty Acid Retention:

Sous-vide delivers superior nutrition because the food is enclosed and heated at a very low temperature compared to traditional cooking methods. As a result, all of those healthy water-soluble vitamins and minerals that are usually lost to cooking water or steam remain largely intact (1) - a SIGNIFICANT improvement from traditional cooking that's been found to remove 20-40% of nutrients! (2)

Fewer Toxins:

In addition to damaging nutrients and protein quality, high heat cooking also produces toxins in foods. This is why how you cook your food is just as important as the ingredients you use.

There are several studies that show that highly processed pet food contains compounds considered to be carcinogens and can cause inflammation. These compounds are Maillard Reaction Products (MRP) and heterocyclic amines (HCA) that result from the high temperature processing. (3)

Sous vide uses the lowest temperature range of all cooking methods, reducing the formation of potentially toxic chemicals and producing no MRP or HCA.

Enhanced Flavor:

At Grocery Pup, we believe there's no point in making healthy food if it's not also tasty food that your dog will WANT to eat. Luckily sous-vide delivers meals that are both a treat and healthy for your dog.

With sous-vide, vacuum sealed bags prevent the loss of moisture. As a result, all of the juices produced during the cooking period remain in the bag with the meat so effectively the food marinates in meat juices for an extended period of time.

By eliminating high temperatures, moisture loss, and oxygen exposure, sous-vide makes for the highest quality homemade dog food that even the pickiest of dogs can't resist.

  • Sous-vide: The tastiest and most delicious way to cook dog food.

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