Why We Started Grocery Pup

If you're like us, you love your dog like a family member and want to give them the absolute best life.   

Once we learned about the by-products, rendered meatsfillers and chemicals that go into commercial dog food brands, we were deeply disturbed.  What we believed to be healthy food for our pup Lola turned out to be overly processed junk.  We were frustrated with the confusing labels and misleading packaging that made it seem we were getting healthier food than we really were. 

We told ourselves we could do better. So we partnered up with a veterinarian nutritionist to create a new standard of dog food called Grocery Pup. 

Grocery Pup is different from your typical dog food for three reasons:

1. We only use human-grade ingredients, not feed. This guarantees our meat is sourced from healthy animals not sick animals. 

2. We make our food in a USDA human-food facility, not a feed facility. This guarantees we make our food with the same safety standards as human food. 

3. We cook our food sous-vide. This long, slow cooking process cooks the food just enough to kill pathogens like Salmonella but no more to retain the natural nutrients and healthy gut bacteria of the ingredients. 

We also believe healthy food should be simple and convenient to get so we deliver straight to your door.

Together, this makes for a safer, healthier and tastier dog food so our pups can thrive, not just survive. Or as we like to call it, dog years delivered. 

Peace, Love and Drool, 
Ruth Marriott, Co-Founder 
Javier A. Marriott, Co-Founder  
Lola Marriott– Chief Office Pup & Taster