A Commitment to Better Dog Food

More Transparency

We created Grocery Pup around the simple conviction that there had to be an easier way to feed your dog. Unlike human food where you can pick up and see the quality of the veggies or meats, you can’t do that with normal dog food. In fact it’s incredibly hard to know if you are feeding your dog premium ingredients or not.

Grocery Pup dog food aims to fix that by providing human-grade meals made with fresh whole foods that you can actually see and identify yourself.

Higher Standards

To completely remove doubt over the quality of our food, we only use human-grade ingredients in our food. If it’s not good enough for us humans, then it’s not good enough for our pups. Too many dog food brands market themselves as premium but use ingredients not fit for human consumption because they're cheaper. At Grocery Pup, we promise our premium food is 100% premium.

Greater Convenience

No more last minute runs to the store when you realize you’ve run out dog food. At Grocery Pup, we deliver exactly what your dog needs so you don’t have to worry about it. If you ever need to adjust your delivery, just let us know and we’ll make the change.

An Austin-Based Company of Dog Lovers

Who Are We?

Grocery Pup is a dog food company born and bred in Austin, TX.  We created the company to offer food for people who love their dogs like their children.

Our mission at Grocery Pup is to take out ambiguity from dog food. We do this by making food you can see and understand what's in it, using only human-grade ingredients, and providing easy to understand labels. If you’re ever unclear about what’s in our food, never hesitate to reach out to us.

How to Contact Us?

Got a question? Check out our FAQ page. If you need to chat, our team will happily answer any questions or concerns you have about Grocery Pup. And, if you have suggestions, always feel free to contact us. We are constantly striving to better serve you and make the world a better and tastier place for our pups.

You can reach us by email (contact@grocerypup.com) or by phone (512) 409-9910.