Why We Started Grocery Pup

If you're like us, you love your dog like a family member and want to give them the absolute best life. And that includes keeping them healthy, safe and fit so they are with us as long as possible.  

Once we learned about all of the by-products, rendered meats,  fillers and chemicals that go into processed dog food brands we were deeply disturbed.  What we believed to be healthy food for our pup Lola turned out to be overly processed junk.  We were frustrated with the confusing labels and misleading packaging that made it nearly impossible to know what was really in her food. 

We told ourselves we could do better and set out to create a new standard of dog food called Grocery Pup.  Grocery Pup is dog food that’s not only healthier but is also one that people can easily understand and see every ingredient with their own eyes. 

To guarantee our food is wholesome and nutritious, Grocery Pup meals have been formulated by a veterinarian-nutritionist. And, we only use human-grade meats and veggies to guarantee quality. We don’t use cheap fillers,  low quality meats, artificial ingredients or preservatives like a lot of dog food brands that flood the market today.

We also believe healthy food should be simple and convenient to get so we deliver straight to your door via FedEx. 

To learn more about how traditional dog food is manufactured vs. how Grocery Pup is made, we encourage you to check out our Why Fresh Matters page.

Peace, Love and Drool, 
Ruth Stedman Co-Founder 
Javier A. Marriott Co-Founder  
Lola – Chief Office Pup & Taster